Who We Are...

Biliske & Merrill Marketers Real Estate LLC, has been in existence since 2005.  The company to date has been involved in over 180 real estate transactions totaling over 25 million dollars. “We call ourselves Marketers because we apply specific sales strategies in the sale of real estate property.”  These strategies are also utilized for property sales in their locations, uses, and marketability. We represent sellers only and our objective is to maximize the sales price and return on investment.


Biliske & Merrill Marketers Real Estate LLC utilizes a team approach to evaluating, assessing, and developing a marketing plan for each property we sell. We are hands-on. We don't shuffle clients off to subordinates; we don't turn sales over to associates and we don't ignore changing market conditions. The Biliske & Merrill partners are directly involved in the total marketing effort.  Whether it is auctions, private land sales, or traditional real estate brokerage – we are here for you.


The Biliske & Merrill team has the partnership and talent to make things happen. Each partner brings their own expertise. Whether it's agricultural land, commercial buildings, or single family housing, we have the people to satisfy your needs. Together the partnership has over 75 years of real estate experience.


In any market one of the foremost questions is; "Do you have the time?" or "Can you make time?"  That's a no brainer for us because we focus on the sellers and the market for their property. We respect each and every client and value their business.  Each client deserves and gets the attention of the Biliske & Merrill team. We see it as a privilege and appreciate the chance to get the best results for those who put their trust and faith in us. We take the time. We make the effort.


What separates us from other real estate entities is that we incorporate a specific strategy for each property we handle. There is no "cookie cutter" approach or generic marketing formula. The strategy is determined by the property, location, time of year, return on investment, financing, legalities, client base, etc. In many cases we market properties directly to our in-house client base. That is, we take the property to the client rather than the client coming to us first. During our auctions we explore different approaches to determine how best to auction a specific type or group of properties.  We take into account if the property is public or private and how best to auction that property.  We also offer the traditional brokerage service where the property is listed and sold. Most importantly, Biliske & Merrill does not take on many clients at one time. What we really stand for is bringing the best results and working the properties in our portfolio to achieve financial success for our everyone.